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Excerpted from The Elusive Here & Now


Cohle Grace

We each have a mission
A reason we’re here
Stretching and growing
Finding love in fear

Or perhaps we came
To bring light to the Earth
And the world’s been changed
Because of our birth

One such being
Was named Cohle Grace
Her healing presence
Still ripples through space

Her time here was short
Her visit was brief
Her birth was filled
With wonder and grief

Though the shell that housed
Her essence is gone
She remains with us
Her beacon shines on

In celebrating
Her life and her death
The joy she brought
Without breathing a breath

With love and support
With family and friend
We honor her spirit
And her choice to ascend

We may never know
Why she chose to leave
Yet our lives are affected
By what we believe

Perhaps her intention
Before returning above
Was simply to experience
Unconditional love.

Dan Coppersmith


© 2004 Dan Coppersmith. All Rights Reserved. You may print a single copy of this poem for personal use. Please do not distribute in any form without written permission from the author. If you would like to use a poem, either call 214-662-3159 or Email Me and let's talk.



The Elusive Here & Now

The Elusive Here & Now uplifting poetry book contains 23 insightful poems and 42 vibrant color nature photos, all created from Dan's life journeys of self-growth and awakening. This book offers inspiring perspectives on life, reality, and the choices we make.

Dan's poetry gently opens eyes and hearts with ideas about who we are, how we create and what it's like to be human.

It is a great carry around book and a perfect gift for all who seek inner peace and healing.
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