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Excerpted from The Elusive Here & Now


Just One Day

The fog lifted
To clear blue sky
A sea of choices
Floating by

The scent of ferns
On a gentle breeze
Conveying a message
Of peace and ease

Water trickling
Through moss covered rocks
Graciously allowing
The soul to detox

Trees stretching to light
With unquestioned resolve
Tranquil and calm
Troubles dissolve

New life springing
From death and decay
Leaving behind
Fear and dismay

Shadows changing
As Earth revolves
Viewpoints shift
The spirit evolves

Butterflies lullabied
By crickets’ song
Aware in the moment
No right, no wrong

The mist settled in
Quieting the abyss
In gratitude
For a day such as this.

Dan Coppersmith


© 2004 Dan Coppersmith. All Rights Reserved. You may print a single copy of this poem for personal use. Please do not distribute in any form without written permission from the author. If you would like to use a poem, either call 214-662-3159 or Email Me and let's talk.



The Elusive Here & Now

The Elusive Here & Now uplifting poetry book contains 23 insightful poems and 42 vibrant color nature photos, all created from Dan's life journeys of self-growth and awakening. This book offers inspiring perspectives on life, reality, and the choices we make.

Dan's poetry gently opens eyes and hearts with ideas about who we are, how we create and what it's like to be human.

It is a great carry around book and a perfect gift for all who seek inner peace and healing.
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