Connect With Those Who Support You!

Building your self-esteem and enjoying life is not always a solo act.  Here are some people and resources that can help you along your path.

Learning Opportunities

The Avatar Course
The Avatar® Course woke me up and helped me realize there was more to life than working hard.  What I unlearned there helped me remember who I am and freed the creativity inherent in all of us.  Go to my Avatar website to get a complimentary experiential introduction to these tools and start freeing your mind.

The Teachings of Abraham
Visit their website daily for inspirational quotes that get you out of your box.  I can't say it any better than Abraham ...
You are loved.  All is well.



Products & Services

Dan Coppersmith Photography
If you like the nature photography contained within the SpiritWire works, you'll love perusing the rest of Dan's collection on his Nature Photography website.


Loving Super Foods
Loving Superfoods
If feeling good is important to you, consider adding yummy superfoods like Chocolate Bliss to your diet. It's given me more focus, more feelings of well being, and higher energy. Eating superfoods has helped me continue to take quantum leaps in my physical, mental and emotional health. Check out our entire line of raw, pristine SunFire SuperFoods. See what they can do for you. Visit and give your body the nutrition and energy you both deserve!

Who I AM Cards Who I Am

This is the BEST possible gift to give yourself, your friends, your family and to any kid you know.  These cards are packed full of energy and delightful affirmations - some of them even mirroring our own Hello World poster.  Visit Traci's website to see sample cards and learn more how to use them. They are awesome!


The Holistic Networker in Dallas, TX
Holistic NW
If you live in Dallas, TX this is THE guide for health and wellness practitioners and events.  Check it out online.
is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other websites.



Recommended Books

Building your self-esteem and enjoying life is not always a solo act.  Here are some books that can help you along your path.

Elusive Here & NowThe Elusive Here & Now
Dan Coppersmith

You've seen it all over this website, but we can't help but mention it here too.  This is a favorite book to have by your bedside or in your briefcase - anywhere you need a quick pick-me-up. Click here for the rest of the story on this book.



Self Esteem PlaybookThe Self-Esteem Playbook
Resource-Packed ebook
Co-authored by Dan Coppersmith & Melissa Cantrelle

Get a complete set of workshop proven, uplifting exercises you can use to feel better about yourself and the world you live in.

Click here to see all the bonus gifts that are currently being offered with this powerful playbook. Read More ...