The Elusive Here & Now
Inspirational Poetry for the Soul

The Elusive Here & Now
The Elusive Here & Now Uplifting Poetry Book
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The Elusive Here & Now
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This is an uplifting book full of insightful poetry and breathtaking nature photography.  Created from Dan's life journeys of self-improvement and awakening, The Elusive Here & Now offers inspiring perspectives on life, reality, and the choices we make.

Written in a humble, yet nearly hypnotic style, the poetry gently opens eyes and hearts with ideas about who we are, how we create and what we know to be true in the moment.

The vivid, often intimate nature shots meld seamlessly with the poetry, opening a doorway through which the messages resonate to the depths of the soul.

It is a great carry around book and a perfect gift for all who seek inner peace and healing.

Look Inside The Book

The 23 inspirational poems in this book contain invaluable lessons and reminders of how amazing and human we are. It truly is inspirational poetry for the soul.

The photography will also uplift and inspire you with 42 vibrant, full color images of nature at her finest.

The entire book is printed on heavy gloss stock and is of exceptional quality.


Inspire Us To Greatness

A poet more like a prophet, with a message that stirs our values at the core, Dan Coppersmith pierces our skin-deep culture going straight to the heart and soul with words that inspire us to greatness.

Denis Waitley, Author
The Seeds of Greatness


Here is just a small sample of the poetry and photography you'll enjoy in this book:

A Reminder

I am enough
Just me alone
With no one’s approval
Only my own

I am complete
With no need for more
Containing within me
An infinite store

I am abundance
I am magic and light
I am creation
I am joy and delight

I am Source of it all
I am boundless, and yet
Being still human
Sometimes I forget.

~Dan Coppersmith





Give a Gift of Love and Enlightenment

This book is a unique and thoughtful gift idea for weddings, birthdays, graduations, Mothers Day, Valentine's Day, and just to say Thank You.

This remarkable book of poetry and pictures will be cherished by teachers, teenagers, lovers, friends, and anyone you care about, including yourself.

It is also a great gift for anyone struggling with life, anyone seeking inner peace or stress relief, or anyone in need of physical or emotional healing.

When you give the gift of this book, you are giving hope, inspiration, love, peace of mind, the opportunity for growth, the possibility of helping someone change their life forever.

YOU are making a difference. Thank you! Please tell your friends about this delightful book. Or better yet, order extra for them too.




The Power To Change The Way You Live Your Life

A small yellow flower. A moss covered rock. A bright red ladybug. Even nature at its simplest has the power to awe.

Such is the nature of Dan Coppersmith’s poetry. Deceptively simple in style, his message is deeply profound. It not only has the power to change the way you look at life, it has the power to change the way you live your life.

Thank you, Dan, for the wisdom and the wonder of your words.

Steven Lane Taylor, Author
Row, Row, Row Your Boat


Joyful Reading Again and Again

I have known Dan Coppersmith and enjoyed his poetry for many years. Dan writes from a deep place about life: fear, joy, shame—being human. His words will touch you and bring you to tears, if you let them.

Dan's first book, The Elusive Here & Now, brings together his sensitive poetry and his stunning nature photography. Each alone, the photos or the poems, would make a lovely book. By bringing them together, Dan has composed a masterpiece. This book feels good, and looks good. The craftsmanship and quality of work in all aspects: words, photos, typography, design, and layout, make this book a joy to own and a joy to give as a gift.

Maybe you've felt that you just "don't get" poetry, that it's too intellectual or confusing. Then this book is certainly for you. The Elusive Here & Now makes for joyful reading, again and again.

Dan's poetry, like any great teaching, is easily understood. His words remind us that when we step back from acting as self-absorbed ego beings, then we discover that peace, joy, and happiness are our natural expressions.

Tony Cecala, Ph.D.
As Reviewed in the Holistic Networker


In Us All

In a world full of wonder
In a sleep full of dreams
In a heart full of laughter
In us all, it would seem

In the awe of a rainbow
In the clouds floating by
In soft ocean breezes
In us all, you and I

In the song of a sparrow
As it welcomes the sun
In the mist of the morning
In us all, everyone

In the Earth beneath us
In the heavens above
At the core of our being
In us all, there is love.

~Dan Coppersmith


From A Clear Space

I got the book, and I’ve started reading it. Reading it? I don’t know if that’s the right expression. I’ve started eating it is better.

It’s delightful! Deceptively simple, which is a good indication that it is clear, from a clear place.

Miles Kierson


The Elusive Here & Now


The Elusive Here & Now Uplifting Poetry Book
$16.95 per book
+ $4.00 S/H
USA Only


The Elusive Here & Now
Uplifting Poetry Ebook (Download Only)
$5.00 per Ebook
Download Now World Wide

The Elusive Here & Now: Inspirational Poetry for the Soul

23 inspirational poems, 42 color, full-page nature photos, printed on heavy gloss stock.

The book comes with a 100% guarantee that you will delight in owning it or your money, including shipping, will be cheerfully refunded.

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Awaken Your Humanity

Each poem is a refreshing surprise that awakens us to our humanity.
Carole Hodges

It is very difficult reading your book. My eyes keep leaking and my nose starts to run and it makes me THINK.
Joe G. Reynolds